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This series will be exploring developing a healthy self-care practice

Emotional intelligence is not just about understanding others. How well do you understand yourself?

Helping yourself
Self-care is all about looking after yourself. You can’t help someone else if you are running on empty

Last week I invited you to take an audit of your how well you are applying self-care to yourself physically. I wonder how you got on and if you have already made some adjustments based on your own reflections.

Later in the series I will come back to each of the points we audited last time with some ideas on how to look after yourself even better on the physical level.

Before we do that let us continue with the audit, this time the focus is on Emotional Self-care. Here are the next set of questions:

  1. Do you recognise your own emotions when you are experiencing them?
  2. Do you know the difference between here and now emotions and historically conditioned emotions?
  3. Are you associated or disassociated when you experience emotions?
  4. Does it vary depending on which emotion it is?
  5. Are there some emotions you believe are not okay?
  6. Are you aware of specific triggers for specific emotional responses?
  7. Do you ever feel out of control with your emotions?
  8. Do you ever feel remote and disconnected from your emotions?
  9. Are you aware of how personality difference might impact on emotions?
  10. Do you have strategies for managing your own emotions?

What questions have I missed out? Let me know what else is important to you for emotional self-care.

Next week the audit will be for Psychological Self-care.

Auditing your self-care journey. How are you doing?

Last week I began my new series focusing on self-care with an overview and introduction. This week about self-assessment and I recommend you take a few minutes over the next few days to complete this short self-audit.

In order to get the most out of this series you might want to begin a self-care journal to record your answers, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Here are your questions on self-care questions for Physical self-care.

  1. Do you in general terms take care of your body and health?
  2. Do assess situations that might involve physical risk or do you rush in?
  3. Do you get enough sleep? If not, is there a reason?
  4. Do you eat healthily? Do you know what healthy eating is?
  5. Are you over-weight, under-weight or within healthy guidelines for weight?
  6. Do you take the recommended levels of exercise? Do you know what recommended levels are? Do you do too much, not enough or at a healthy balance for exercise?
  7. Do you get regular health checks such as dentist, opticians etc? Do you get a regular general check up?
  8. Do you pay attention to your body and listen to feedback from your body?
  9. Do you take time to relax? For example do you meditate, use self-hypnosis, listen to music, walk in nature?
  10. Do you dance? Do you play? Do you laugh?
Find health in nature

What questions have I missed out? Let me know what else is important to you for physical self-care.

Next week the audit will be for Emotional Self-care.


Do you know what self-care is? How well are you nurturing yourself?

Find your authentic self by stepping outside your comfort zone as part of your self-care practice

This week I would like to start a new series of discussions on self-care beginning with an introduction. Over the next few weeks I will expand on this theme.

What is self-care?

My definition of self-care is the operationalisation of healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is where you recognise your own value and worth as a human being and crucially also recognise the value and worth of others.

When you recognise your own worth and value you look after yourself on all levels, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. You ensure that you remain healthy in relationships including intimate, family, friends, colleagues and even with chance encounters.

I will share my thoughts and include some ideas about how to develop your personal practice of self-care more fully. I welcome interaction and discussion so will be setting up a forum for discussion (more details coming soon).

Self-disclaimer: I am a work in progress myself. Most of us are, no matter how much personal development you have. When I self-assess I estimate that 90% of time I am in a healthy place particularly however there are some areas still requiring some attention.

I will be using this series myself to continue my journey.

Will you join me?

Next week we will begin the journey with some self-assessment and a place to start making changes.

Calibrating vulnerability in clients or students

As an NLP Trainer or NLP Practitioner, our ability to recognise vulnerability in our students or clients is a key skill set. So exactly how do you do it while running courses such as NLP Practitioner? This is just as important for the NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Therapist when working one to one with clients.

One place to start is with a conscious decision to start calibrating a baseline for each student or client. We teach calibration skills on our entry level NLP Training and this is started on the free one day training workshop. This calibration includes processing visual, auditory and kinaesthetic signals from the client.

With larger groups this can be challenging just in terms of sheer numbers. Perhaps a more manageable approach would be to calibrate baselines for the group. As a student moves into a state of vulnerability there will be a ripple effect particularly in those seated nearby.

The baseline is critical because changes in state vary vastly both on the individual level and in terms of group processes. Where one person withdraws and internalises, another may become loud, while yet another response may be to become rigidly controlled. When calibrating the group, you are becoming sensitive to the waves and flow of what becomes a collective consciousness that may match the individual signs or not.

You might recognise that a student is becoming vulnerable by signs of rapport breakdown and separation from others. Or conversely you may see an increased rapport as group members nearby experience unconscious empathy that can be seen as physiological shifts.

The examples above are just that, examples. As an NLP Trainer or NLP Practitioner, remember to stay connected to the concept of NLP as the study of subjective behaviour.

Understanding Limiting Beliefs and how they hold you back from your dreams

Take the leap!
Take the leap!

Are you wanting to make changes in your life and yet somehow you don’t have the will or the motivation to take the first step?



Perhaps you don’t believe you have what it takes or think others would not be interested in you. Maybe you lack confidence or self-esteem.

If any of the above sounds familiar the chances are you have some kind of limiting belief. The great news for you is simple….. you can change, you just need to know how.

So what do you need to do?

The first step is self-awareness. Recognise what you are believing about yourself, your capabilities and others that are holding you back and then educate yourself in how to change. Beyond that take the leap into helping yourself by reaching out for the support you need.

Let’s start with some definitions.

In simple terms, a limiting belief is anything you believe about yourself or the world that holds you back from having the kind of life you really dream of.

What makes identifying these limitations so challenging is the way we trick ourselves into believing our beliefs are concrete facts.

To give you an example, if a person believes they are unlovable they will often be able to provide countless examples and evidence to support this theory. We are experts at defending our limiting beliefs whether they are about our true nature, our abilities or about the world in general.

We do this for a very important reason.

We developed each of our limiting beliefs for a very important reason in our early life and that reason was survival. At the time it was the best option we had available to us that would allow us to get by and yet often in adulthood these beliefs no longer serve us so we hand on to them.

NLP provides some really great tools to help you change and transform your limitations allow you to step into your natural brilliance.

If you are ready to transform your life and become the best version of you take the leap today!

Here are a few options to get you started in your own transformation:

  1. Download our free audio, taken from a workshop helping people improve self-esteem using NLP.
  2. If you live in the East Sussex/West Kent area join us for our NLP Practice group on Thursday where we will be exploring “Busting Limiting Beliefs”
  3. Join us for a free one day introduction to NLP where you will experience the “Change Belief” technique.
  4. Order my new book, “Becoming Happy” by Melody Cheal from Amazon today!

For details on any of the above see our main website

or contact Melody 01892 309 205 or email

Are you ready for the next step in your NLP Journey? Find out more about NLP Master Practitioner

Are you ready for the next step in your NLP Journey?

I wonder if you have begun
asking yourself important questions yet:

Who am I?
What is my life purpose?
What is the nature of reality?

when opportunity knocks

In our NLP Master Practitioner we balance taking your NLP skills to the next level with exploring some of the “big questions”.

You will have the opportunity to experience a leap forward in your own Self-awareness leading to greater happiness and fulfilment in your life.

After attending this course our graduates report a greater sense of well-being and confidence. They feel able to tackle life’s challenges more easily and are ready to step into living the life they have always dreamed of.

What else will you gain?

Those that have attended NLP courses with us have reported major paradigm shifts in their life; increasing self-confidence and self-esteem, zest for life, transforming limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and helping to communicate with others more effectively.
As well as these immeasurable benefits you will gain:

An MP3 set of the GWiz Master Practitioner course.

Three certificates: Two from GWiz/ PSiNLP and one from the ANLP (Association of NLP).

A gift of three months full Professional Membership with the ANLP (Association of NLP), worth over £130.

Support after the course…through:

  • Our monthly NLP Practice Group
  • The opportunity to assist on future workshops to deepen your knowledge
  • Massively reduced personal coaching rates (six sessions per course)
  • Supervision support to help with your ongoing professional development
  • Free business advice and general ad hoc email support

You will be eligible of our NLP Trainer’s Training programme

Jo Coulson started her NLP journey with us several years ago. She has now graduated as an NLP Trainer and is working successfully as a trainer and coach.
Jo Coulson started her NLP journey with us several years ago. She has now graduated as an NLP Trainer and is working successfully as a trainer and coach.

Topics covered on our NLP Master Practitioner include:
• What is reality? Decoding the “big dream”
• Personal Identity: Who is “I”? Who is “me”?
• Finding your life purpose
• Exploring the mind/body connection
• Time and Paradox. What is really going on?

You will deepen your NLP knowledge as learning Sleight of Mouth patterns, re-imprinting, working with values maps, conversational change and much more.
If you have been thinking about doing this workshop for a while this year may be the time to jump in particularly if you want to train in beautiful surroundings overlooking beautiful Ashdown Forest, East Sussex.
If you have already completed your NLP Master Practitioner with another provider you can take our NLP Master Practitioner with a 50% reduction.
For GWiz graduates wishing to repeat Master Practitioner there is a 60% reduction.

What are the dates?
The course is spread over three months to give you time to integrate experiences, the modules are:
Module one: 7th to 10th April 2016
Module two: 12th to 15th May 2016
Module three: 9th to 12th June 2016

Tell me more about signing up..

We have an early bird price for those of you who sign up before the end of this week of just £2800, saving you £700!

For the first 6 people who take up this offer there will be a further saving of £400! That’s a total of £1100 saved for the first 6 people!

How do I sign up?

Contact Melody via email or call (44) 1892 309 205

Free One Day Introduction to NLP

What would happen if you broke free from your limitations?
What if you could be who you really want to be…

Beyond limitation!

Are you looking for something new?
Are you looking to increase your self-confidence?
Would you like to learn a new skill?
Are you curious about NLP? Would you like to know more?

How good would it be if you could attend a

free one day taster event?

If you answered “yes” join us on our free one day workshop, NLP101

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to find out more about NLP and what it has to offer. You will also get a chance to meet NLP Master Trainer, Melody Cheal and her team so that you can be confident you have found the right fit for you.

By applying the learning from our NLP 101 course you will be able to:

  • Use your communication skills more effectively by developing your ability to read people.
  • Describe how to ‘click’ with others and build stronger rapport more quickly.
  • Present a more confident, resilient self-image.
  • Prepare yourself by managing your state more easily
  • Take control of your emotional reactions to people/things/actions/events.
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Learn some NLP foundation skills and gain

25% of the credits needed for our NLP Diploma qualification.

How do I book a place?

2013-07-27 18.05.06
Email for a booking form

and then choose one of the dates below:

28th January, 26th February, 18th March or 19th April
Crowborough, East Sussex

Open to all who are new to NLP and curious to discover more…
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Why complete NLP Practitioner with GWiz NLP?

If you are thinking about training in NLP, I am guessing that you are considering carefully as this is a big investment both in terms of your time and financially. To help you make this decision I want to share with you some reasons why GWiz NLP is a good choice.


  1. Attend the first two days completely free of charge. We offer this to give you a chance to “try before you buy”. As our programme is modular you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience before signing up.
  2. Our approach is Humanistic, we think that people and their welfare are important. We train our students with a person centred attitude.
  3. Our approach is ethical. This is so important to us that we expect our graduates to sign an ethics agreement.
  4. Our courses are led by Melody and Joe Cheal. Both are NLP Master Trainers with over twenty years of experience. They both hold degrees and Master’s degrees in psychology bring a breadth to their knowledge that may be missing from other trainings.
  5. Our courses are all accredited with ANLP, the only independent professional body in the world. This means our materials have been peer reviewed for quality and we are recognised for our professionalism. See
  6. As a graduate of GWiz NLP you will receive a complementary membership of ANLP.
  7. On graduation you will receive three internationally recognised certificates: Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner; Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner; ANLP Practitioner.
  8. On completion of the course you will receive as much ongoing support as you need in the form of personal coaching/therapy sessions, mentoring, supervision and support.
  9. You will also be able to join our Practice Group either face to face or via online media.
  10. We have our own purpose built training suite set in the outstanding beauty of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. The views are stunning and the atmosphere supports you in reaching your goals.
  11. Support to develop your NLP career further right up to Master Trainer status.
  12. To find out about why Melody and Joe Cheal are the trainers for you check out the article “Meet the Trainer’s”

 What is the free stuff?

  • Sign up for the first two days of NLP Practitioner for free so you can “try before you buy”.
  • When you sign up for our NLP Practitioner course you will receive an MP3 audio with over 20 hours of material absolutely free!


 For dates and how to sign up scroll down or read some testimonials from a few of our students first.

Here are some comments from some of our students

“Melody has been my trainer for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, ILM L7 Coaching, TA for Trainers/Coaches, as well as numerous Practice Groups and Coaching Supervision Sessions. She has also acted as Personal and Professional Coach through some of the most challenging times of my life and career.”

diploma 2013 2

“After extensive research into different NLP trainers and attended many sample training sessions. I choose to complete my NLP Diploma with Melody and what a great training it is! I have been so impressed with Melody and Gwiz that I have continued my NLP learning and I am now a GWiz Master Practitioner thanks to the dedicated support of an amazing trainer.”

“Melody and her partner Joe Cheal at GWiz Parternship are extremely experienced Master Trainers of NLP and together they bring a unique angle to their training style. The quality that I most admire in them is their integrity. You are in safe hands with Melody and Joe. The other quality is their vast knowledge of the topics they teach. I couldn’t recommend a better trainer for NLP. Can I just add that there is never a bored moment during their training?”

2013-05-18 12.31.15

“If you have ever said to yourself, ‘There has to be more to life than this’ and or are seeking new meaning to your life, or maybe your journey has reached a cross roads or even a roundabout and you’d like to make sense of it, Melody will support you on that journey in any direction that suits you. Melody is a highly intelligent, perceptive, supportive, gifted lady. One of Melody’s many gifts is her naturally ability to identify the root cause of a person’s discomfort, unease, troubles, or issue almost immediately allowing the process of awareness to come gently and effortlessly to the individual in a way that is perfect for them. I have the pleasure of taking my journey through personal development and personal awareness with both Joe and Melody through NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and solely with Melody through Transactional Analysis and Hypnotherapy and am going back for more. Whilst training a group, with her great linguistic skills, Melody connects with each and every one of us on an individual level as if you are the only person in the room with her. Melody’s passion for helping others fulfil their potential is evident in everything she does. Melody has high standards and lives the ethics and values she believes in. The GWiz learning environment is warm, safe, comfortable, and relaxing allowing all learning to be absorbed, tried and tested in a supportive timely way.”

“Melody is a gift to the world of personal development and awareness, if you’re thinking about it, I recommend Melody to you wholeheartedly, Melody will help you change your life”

“I have trained with Melody and Joe at GWiz for both my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner qualification. I have found their training invaluable and the training has given me a huge amount professionally and personally. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anybody looking for training, coaching or NLP. Highly recommended!!”

 And a few shorter testimonials

“I had a great week and look forward eagerly to working with you both again.”

“It was a fantastic week, thank you both for making it such fun to learn and explore new things. I was on a real high last night and to add to it, did a SWISH technique on a client!!!”

“Still assimilating the most amazing 16 days of my life and really excited about where the journey will take me.”

“The programme has created a real shift in me, and I’m finding it so exciting being able to use my learning to help others –

I’m having some real ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ moments!”

“I’m noticing so much now as I’m speaking to others – their language patterns, sensory information.”

“I’ve also reached new levels of self-awareness that I never felt possible. I’m really looking forward to refining my new skills and finding exciting new applications for them.”

“Many thanks for a wonderful experience. It’s been a brilliant journey for me – definitely a road worth travelling.”

What are the dates and details?

The full programme is 16 days including evaluation and certification. We spread the modules to allow you time to assimilate learning in manageable chunks while still providing you with transformational experiences.

You have two opportunities to attend “try before you buy sessions” called NLP 101.

The dates are: 18th to 19th August or 22nd to 23rd September 2015.

 To complete NLP Practitioner this time around you will also attend:

  •  NLP Diploma completion module (NLP101 is part of the Diploma) 24th to 25th September 2015
  •  Module two:          31st October to 3rd November 2015
  • Module three:        30th January to 2nd February 2016
  •  Module four:          12th to 15th March 2016

 How do I sign up?

 Contact Melody direct on 01892 309205 or email