NLP Coaching Practitioner

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What will you gain?

Those that have attended NLP courses with us have reported major paradigm shifts in their life; increasing self confidence and self esteem, zest for life, transforming limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and helping to communicate with others more effectively.

On completion you will receive an iNLP Coaching Certificate (included in the price of the course)

Additional certificates available through completing the course (see Registration form for costings):

  • NLP Coaching Practitioner Certificate (NLP Practitioner is a pre-requisite for this certificate)
  • HNLP Coaching Certificate

Total Programme Length: 4 days

By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Define NLP effectively to others
  • Utilise the IBO model to generate options
  • Build rapport easily and effortlessly
  • Manage your own state and help your client manage theirs
  • Use questions to gain specificity and clarity
  • Define ‘irresistible’ outcomes
  • Use a range of NLP coaching models

Course Content:

  • What is NLP & what is coaching?
    • Brief overview
  • Key Concepts
    • Flexibility of thinking: The IBO model
    • Rapport & Sensory Acuity
    • The Coaching Relationship
  • Managing States
    • Problem state to Outcome State
    • State elicitation
    • Creating motivation: End state energy
  • Using Language
    • Meta Model Coaching questions to gain specificity
    • Reframing and re-directing
    • Conversational NLP
  • Outcomes & Goals
    • Well formed outcomes: POISED
    • Values, criteria and priorities
  • Coaching Models
    • HNLP model (Overdurf & Silverthorn)
    • iNLP model (GWiz & PSiNLP)