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Do you know what self-care is? How well are you nurturing yourself?

Find your authentic self by stepping outside your comfort zone as part of your self-care practice

This week I would like to start a new series of discussions on self-care beginning with an introduction. Over the next few weeks I will expand on this theme.

What is self-care?

My definition of self-care is the operationalisation of healthy self-esteem. Healthy self-esteem is where you recognise your own value and worth as a human being and crucially also recognise the value and worth of others.

When you recognise your own worth and value you look after yourself on all levels, physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. You ensure that you remain healthy in relationships including intimate, family, friends, colleagues and even with chance encounters.

I will share my thoughts and include some ideas about how to develop your personal practice of self-care more fully. I welcome interaction and discussion so will be setting up a forum for discussion (more details coming soon).

Self-disclaimer: I am a work in progress myself. Most of us are, no matter how much personal development you have. When I self-assess I estimate that 90% of time I am in a healthy place particularly however there are some areas still requiring some attention.

I will be using this series myself to continue my journey.

Will you join me?

Next week we will begin the journey with some self-assessment and a place to start making changes.

Becoming Happy!

Being Happy ad IMG_5666_edited-1

Simple techniques to develop a happy mind set

Would you like to:

  • feel happier and more positive?
  • have more creativity and optimism?
  • be more confident?
  • Get a boost to your self-esteem?

If your answer to all of the above is “yes” this workshop is for you!

This one day workshop uses a combination of Positive Psychology and NLP in an experiential format. You will learn a series of simple ways to help you develop a positive, happy and optimistic mind set. A positive mind set can lead to improved self-esteem and confidence in all areas of your life.

The workshop is led by Melody Cheal. Melody has an Msc in Applied Positive Psychology and is a Master Trainer of NLP and trainer of Hypnotherapy.

Combine this workshop with “Becoming Still!” for even great value saving you £50.

contact Melody for more details melody@gwiznlp.com or telephone 01892 309205