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Performance Coaching by Melody Cheal, GWizNLP
Melody Cheal, MSc Applied Positive Psychology and NLP Master Trainer and Coach

GWizLearning provides

Accredited Coach Training,  Accredited Supervisor Training, Accredited NLP Training, and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy Training  in East Sussex and Kent.

Training is delivered by the Lead Trainer Melody Cheal and she welcomes students from all over the country including London, Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Her online trainings attract students from all around the world.

NLP Training, Life Coaching Training and Business Coaching Training can not only improve your offering to clients and/or your staff but can also be a valuable tool in self-development.

You can learn to keep calm in times of stress, boost your resilience, become more productive and improve your general well-being. 

Many techniques you learn with NLP and Hypnotherapy Training are self-help techniques that you can use for yourself at home to improve your life – win-win!

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All our courses are approved and Accredited with The Association for NLP, The Association for Coaching or the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.


Or have a look at what some of our previous students think:

It was a fantastic week, thank you both for making it such fun to learn and explore new things. I was on a real high last night and to add to it, did a SWISH technique on a client!!!


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At GWiz NLP we believe that within you there sleeps a greater natural potential… just waiting to be awoken.

As your personality developed in early life, you created a model of the world made up from your experiences and feedback from those around you. And as a result, you built a set of personal beliefs. Some of these beliefs are powerful and useful; others, however, may have created limitation and self-doubt… that hold you back from the life you desire and deserve.

This is why our workshops and one-to-one sessions are designed to help you transform your limitations into strengths.

We believe you deserve the right to wake up your greater natural potential… and to be who you were always meant to be


Because you are Brilliant!

Are you ready to thrive?

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00 (44) 1892 309205 (Outside UK)


What you believe about yourself underpins your Mindset. Believe in your Brilliance and your ability to keep learning.


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