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Melody Cheal MSc Applied Positive Psychology

Melody Cheal
Melody Cheal MSc

My Story


I began my own journey into Personal Development when I was twenty-nine years old. Up until that time I had been mildly depressed, I was in a deadend job and my personal relationships were unsatisfying.


I attended a short personal development course that mixed guided visualisations, meditation, psycho-drama and philosophical discussion. As a consquence I experienced a paradigm shift in my thinking and was able to recognise that I had value and worth as a human being. This was a life changing moment for me.


As result I changed everything in my life and took on the mission of helping others make similar shifts in their lives. I retrained, went to university and started looking for new ways of making a difference.


During that time I met Joe Cheal, my husband and co-trainer on many of the courses offered at GWiz NLP. We have now been married for twenty-five years and helping others for a similar length of time.


I am passionate about providing more than just training to the people who attend our courses. It is important to me that our students feel part of a community with ongoing support, encouragement and mentoring to help them achieve the outcomes they desire.


My other passion is Wildlife and Conservation. I have always taken a keen interest in the natural world and wildlife photography is one of my hobbies. More recently I decided to take this passion further by changing my long time membership with Sussex Wildlife Trust (SWT) from a Personal Membership to an Organisational Membership.


I donate time to provide training and coaching to Sussex Wildlife Trust pro bono. You will also meet SWT staff on some of my public courses as I also provide several free places to them each year.


This is one of the ways I make a contribution to Society.

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More on how I help others in my work


I have four different methods for helping people:


  1. Accredited Training courses in NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy– the training courses offer you a way to develop a set of skills to help yourself and others. You may also be surprised to discover that you are likely to experience personal transformation along the way. For example, our NLP Practitioner Training often encourages a growth mindset and increases both resilience and self-esteem.
  2. Short Personal Development Courses – the one to four day courses will give you that boost to start making personal changes. There are two new courses coming in 2020 “Finding your Voice”and “Building your Resilience”.
  3. Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring for Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioners – this service is specifically for you if you have or would like to have a business offering help to others. I provide you with professional and personal support in reaching your goals.
  4. One to one support sessions – you can work with me privately to clear personal limitations, build confidence and overcome issues that have been holding you back. There are a range of options available including one hour sessions, extended breakthrough sessions and video conferencing. The focus can be personal or professional development.

Awards and Recognition

Melody was awarded the Runners up Certificate in Research Category at the NLP Awards




In 2019 Melody was short listed for the Research Award Category at the NLP Awards London. She was awarded the runners up Certificate for her work researching how NLP improves Self-esteem and Well-being.

Her dissertation for this research was published in the NLP Journal and she presented the paper at the NLP Research Conference.






Melody was awarded Speaker of the Year 2019 by Kent CIPD.  She was invited to act as MC for the CIPD Kent Branch Awards.

Awarded to Melody Cheal MSc










Joe Cheal

Joe is an NLP Master Trainer who enjoys learning new things… by exploring diverse fields of science, philosophy and psychology and then integrating these ‘learnings’. He is the creator and editor of the new ANLP Journal: Acuity.

He holds an MSc in Organisational Development and Neuro Linguistic Technologies, a degree in Philosophy and Psychology, a diploma in Performance Coaching, a certificate in HNLP Coaching and a diploma in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and NLP. He is also an EI practitioner and an ILM accredited trainer.

With a passion and a penchant for the nature of paradox, Joe has published a book entitled: “Solving Impossible Problems: Working through Tensions and Paradox in Business”. His MSc dissertation was an exploration into ‘social paradox’ and his findings were published in the first NLP Research Journal in 2009.

He is co-author of “The Model Presenter” and has contributed to various other books. He is a regular writer for Rapport magazine (most of the articles can be found in our ‘ARTICLES’ section)

In focusing his training, coaching and consultancy experience into the business environment, Joe has inspired others to achieve outstanding results. Since 1993, he has worked with a broad range of organisational cultures, helping 1000s of people revolutionise the way they work with others. His training sessions are often described as “humorous, thought provoking, interactive and leading to highly practical strategies”.

He was delighted a while ago when a course delegate wrote about him: “Joe is an excellent combination of Dr Who and Eddie Izzard in presentation style, so made the content fun and accessible.”!!!

Joe is also fascinated by language and voice. As part of his exploration, for fun he has recorded a bunch of songs, including writing and performing an original piece.

Joe’s new book “Who stole my pie!” is now available.