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Who Stole My Pie? £9.99

Buy Who Stole My Pie? Now £9.99 Who Stole My Pie is packed with powerfully simple models, tools, tips and techniques. If you want to gain greater control over your time then this book is for you!   Naomi Bainbridge 5.0 out of 5 starsBrilliant! 1 May 2015 Format: Paperback I found the book really…

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The Litle Book of Persuasion Updated £7.99

Buy The Litle Book of Persuasion Updated Now £7.99 HOW TO USE THIS BOOK All the ideas in this book can be used ethically and some could probably be used unethically. The point is: ideas and techniques are simply ideas and techniques! In and of themselves they are not inherently good/bad, positive/negative or helpful/unhelpful. However,…

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Becoming Happy! £23.16

Buy Becoming Happy! Now £23.16 The search for happiness can often seem elusive and so this book provides hope for those wanting help in becoming happy. Find out how to unlock the best version of you, recognising your own sense of worth and value. Melody shares experiences from her own journey of self-discovery plus tools…

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The Relationship Dance

The Relationship Dance: A Guide to Loving Gracefully £14.99

Buy The Relationship Dance Now £14.99 How would your life be, if you and your partner were always on the same side… facing life’s challenges together? A relationship is a dynamic pattern of advancing and retreating ‘energies’. A healthy relationship is a graceful dance of balanced and constructive interactions. Indeed, the quality of your life is determined by the health…

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