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Solving Impossible Problems: Working Through Tensions and Paradox in Business

Buy Solving Impossible Problems £12.10 Now Say goodbye to organisational dilemmas, tensions, conflicts and stress with Solving Impossible Problems. Impossible problems are those that will not easily be solved. They twist and turn and defy resolution. When you think you have them nailed down, they loop, split and flip, taking you round in circles until…

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Becoming Happy! £23.16

Buy Becoming Happy! Now £23.16 The search for happiness can often seem elusive and so this book provides hope for those wanting help in becoming happy. Find out how to unlock the best version of you, recognising your own sense of worth and value. Melody shares experiences from her own journey of self-discovery plus tools…

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The Relationship Dance

The Relationship Dance £14.99

Buy The Relationship Dance Now £14.99 How would your life be, if you and your partner were always on the same side… facing life’s challenges together? A relationship is a dynamic pattern of advancing and retreating ‘energies’. A healthy relationship is a graceful dance of balanced and constructive interactions. Indeed, the quality of your life is determined by the health…

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The Model Presenter £3.72

How would YOU like to be the Model Presenter? Confident – Engaging – Structured – Flexible – Relaxed – Excellent The Model Presenter will show you how to: Develop the qualities of an exceptional presenter Create a memorable and logical structure Deliver presentations and training with confidence Engage an audience easily and effortlessly Deal with…

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The Little Book of Resilience £8.99

For over 25 years, we have been fascinated by what makes people ‘psychologically strong and healthy’.  Hence came The Little Book of Resilience. Following that curiosity, we have observed, listened to, read about and engaged with some very ‘sorted’ human beings. By modelling the behaviours, qualities, characteristics and thought processes of many of these wonderful…

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