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Fully Accredited NLP Practitioner Blended learning in person and on Zoom

February 26, 2022 - May 29, 2022


Why complete NLP Practitioner with GWiz NLP?

Some of our students getting ready to start their NLP journey

If you are thinking about training in NLP, I am guessing that you are considering carefully as this is a big investment both in terms of your time and financially. To help you make this decision I want to share with you some reasons why GWiz NLP is a good choice.

On a personal level, why learn NLP?

  1. You will learn how self talk shapes your experience and how to make meaning changes in your life.
  2. Understand how to develop a Growth Mindset and increase your resilience.
  3. Learn how to boost your self confidence and well-being.

From a Business Perspective why learn NLP?

  1. Improve your ability to “read” others increasing your ability to build connection.
  2. Understand how the words you choose impact on influence, communication and leadership.
  3. Boost your confidence and find your voice.

Our New Blended NLP Practitioner for 2022

As a training provider we make a point of staying flexible and learning new ways to give you what you need to blossom. With this in mind we have re-designed our NLP Practitioner in a way that makes it even easier for you to learn NLP and become a Certified NLP Practitioner.

Our new format gives you Eight days in person in East Sussex and Eight days live workshops via Zoom.

Why is blended learning a great idea for you and for the Planet?

We discovered that some topics work well on-line using live video conferencing and we realised that this is a win/win option saving you money and time because you can access these parts of the course from your home.

This option means we are all helping to reduce our Carbon foot print by reducing travel.

So Why are some days still in person, why can’t we just do Zoom?

There are three reasons you will benefit from the in person element of the training.

Firstly, there are certain topics that you will learn and understand more deeply if you are in the room with us. This is in particular the NLP Change Processes.

Secondly, although this training is a Certification programme you may be wanting to experience some personal transformation. We can help you do that more easily face to face and you will benefit from the sense of support that comes from taking this journey with others.

Finally, by including an in person option we ensure that you will meet the ANLP Accreditation Criteria for Certification.

What happens if I have to Self Isolate?

We will work on a case by case basis, if it is possible for us to allow you to Zoom in and still meet the ANLP Accreditation Criteria we will make a plan with you. Alternatively we will give you the opportunity to transfer to a later cohort.

Before you read some of the practical reasons to choose GWiz NLP here, in her own words are some reflections from a recent student:

“I joined the NLP training just over a year ago. In that year I have completely transformed into a different person. From someone who suffered with regular anxiety and disbelief in my self, my self worth was at rock bottom and I really didn’t know how to move on.


The training was the most life changing training I have ever received. Techniques in NLP are easy to understand and once you start to adapt them into your everyday life, you notice how you start to feel differently about yourself and other people notice that there is a positive change within you.


I would recommend the NLP training for anyone, not only have I learnt how to change my life so much for the better, I also made a great new friendship circle where we all share the positive changes. NLP training is actually really simple to adapt into your or anyone else’s life.”

See and hear some of our recent students share their experiences

Click the link.


  1.  Attend our free taster events if you would like to test us out first. We offer this to give you a chance to “try before you buy” the complete NLP Practitioner. As our programme is modular you will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience before signing up.
  2. Our approach is Humanistic, we think that people and their welfare are important. We train our students with a person centred attitude.
  3. Our approach is ethical. This is so important to us that we expect our graduates to sign an ethics agreement.
  4. Our courses are led by Melody and Joe Cheal. Both are NLP Master Trainers with over twenty years of experience. They both hold degrees and Masters degrees in psychology bring a breadth to their knowledge that may be missing from other trainings.
  5. Our courses are all accredited with ANLP, the only independent professional body in the world. This means our materials have been peer reviewed for quality and we are recognised for our professionalism.
  6. As a graduate of GWiz NLP you will receive a complementary membership of ANLP.
  7. On graduation you will receive three internationally recognised certificates: Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner; Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner; ANLP Practitioner.
  8. On completion of the course you will receive as much ongoing support as you need in the form of personal coaching/therapy sessions, mentoring, supervision and support.
  9. You will also be able to join our Practice Group either face to face or via online media.
  10. We have our own purpose built training suite set in the outstanding beauty of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. The views are stunning and the atmosphere supports you in reaching your goals.
  11. Support to develop your NLP career further right up to Master Trainer status.
  12. To find out about why Melody and Joe Cheal are the trainers for you check out the article “Meet the Trainers”
Melody and Joe presenting Angela with her NLP Practitioner Certificates

What is the free stuff?

  • Click here for a free MP3 download from a transformational workshop that formed the basis of Melody’s research dissertation
  • Check out all the free information, articles and cool stuff on our resources page
  • When you sign up for our NLP Practitioner course you will receive an MP3 audio with over 20 hours of material absolutely free!

 Contact Melody now to book a place 


What are the dates and details?

The full programme is 16 days including evaluation and certification. We spread the modules to allow you time to assimilate learning in manageable chunks while still providing you with transformational experiences.

The modular format is even more important when the training is via Zoom. We have designed the course to combine the on-line format and in person training here in East Sussex.

 To complete NLP Practitioner this time around you will attend:

  •  Module one:       Saturday, 26th February 2022 via Zoom
  •  Module two:       Saturday, 5th to Sunday 6th March 2022 – in East Sussex
  •  Module three:    Saturday, 26th to Sunday, 27th March 2022 via Zoom
  •  Module four:      Saturday, 2nd April 2022 via Zoom
  • Module five:        Saturday, 23rd to Sunday 24th April 2022 via Zoom
  • Module six:         Saturday, 30th April to Tuesday, 3rd May 2022 – in East Sussex
  • Module seven:    Saturday, 14th to Sunday 15th May 2022 via Zoom
  • Module eight:     Saturday, 28th to Sunday, 29th May 2022 – in East Sussex

How much does NLP Practitioner cost?

The super early bird fee of £1995 is available until 31st October 2021 and includes Certification and Evaluation.  The early bird fee of £2495 is available until 31st January 2022. The full fee after that date is £3495. Although you can register your place today by paying a deposit of £500 you will need to complete an application in order to be accepted onto the programme.



Early Bird rate applies from 1st November until 30th January 2022. Full rate of £3495.00 applies from 31st January 2022.

 How do I sign up?

 Contact Melody direct on 01892 309205 or click link  or email melody@gwiznlp.com


Contact us for a booking form


Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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