Certified Hypnotherapist & Master Hypnotherapist

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Our next programme is scheduled for May 2018 and will be held at our beautiful venue on the edge of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. NLP Practitioner or similar are pre-requesites for this training.

Students practicing in our beautiful grounds. Hypnotising hypnotists
Students practicing in our beautiful grounds. Hypnotising hypnotists!

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Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Review of the Milton Model
  • Stages of Hypnosis
  • Personal History Taking
  • Preparation and session planning
  • Ericksonian Approaches to hypnosis
  • Elman Inductions Approaches to hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Phenomena Part I
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions
We also offer Hypnosis Trainer as part of our NLP Trainer's Training
We also offer Hypnosis Trainer as part of our NLP Trainer’s Training

Certified Master Hypnotherapist

  • Advanced Inductions
  • Hypnotic Phenomena Part II
  • Hypnotic Protocol for Healing
  • Deepening techniques
  • Developing Intervention Programmes

Course Format

How does it work?

The intensive course format runs over six consecutive days. Assessment is ongoing with students receiving coaching and feedback throughout the programme. Additional assessment takes the form of recorded sessions plus a reflective diary.

What are the benefits of this format?

The intensive format allows for total immersion in the world of Hypnosis. For many people this works like accelerated learning and also results in a fast-track qualification.

Accreditation Body

  • The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council
  • The International Hypnosis Society
  • The American Board of Hypnotherapy

We are fully accredited with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

We are accredited by the International Hypnosis Society. The Chairperson and President is Julie Silverthorn an international Master Trainer of both Hypnotherapy and NLP.

We are an Approved School of Hypnosis wit the American Board of Hypnosis.


The Class of 2009