Liberty Equine Leadership

  • Re-connect with your values and passion – take a breath and notice what happens as you step back and see yourself through fresh eyes.
  • Develop more self-belief and self confidence – discover your inner integrity and confidence.
  • Learn how you connect to others – stretch beyond yourself and become aware of our innate inter-connectedness.
  • Discover your own authentic leadership qualities – when a horse acknowledges your leadership you will know you have earned it.
  • Become more aware of your own non-verbal communication – see yourself reflected back and understand your impact on others.

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What will you do on this workshop?

The day will begin with a briefing and an overview of the day. You will meet the other participants and the trainers, Melody and Kate.

Meeting the horses is an important part of the introductions so you will meet each one of our equine assistants in turn. As the day progresses you will be given the opportunity to take part in a number of activities designed to help you learn more about yourself.

We will be facilitating some personal reflection for each of you and you will work with one or two “buddies” during the workshop. Your buddies will observe your interaction with the horses and offer additional feedback and perspective.

Although you will be working directly with the horses, equine expertise will not be needed. We will teach you what you need to do. All exercises are floor based and you will not be expected to ride the horses.

Have a look at our “YouTube” video to give you an idea of the type of exercises involved:

Course Content

This one day course will cover the following:

Introduction and Safety Briefing


Who are you?
Why are you here?
Who are the horses?

Working with Horses

Values: Finding out what is important to you
Making a connection
Discovering true leadership
Recognising authentic feedback

Translating your Learning

What are you believing about yourself?
Utilising feelings and connecting with your purpose.
Tutor & peer feedback
Reflective learning

Action Planning

How can I put this into practice?

What sort of people is this course aimed at?

People who want to learn even more about themselves.

The course can be designed to fit a variety of needs around communication such as:

Understanding at a deeper level how we communicate.

  • Understanding how others view our own communication style.
  • Why others respond in a particular way to our communication.
  • How to notice other people’s communication style.
  • How to tailor our responses and interaction to different communication styles and increase our ability to understand others and to be understood.
  • To identify what makes a good leader that promotes an atmosphere of willing and useful production.
  • To learn to lead with backbone and heart.
  • To learn how to be part of a successful team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be riding the horses?

No, you will be handling them under careful supervision.

Do you need to know about horses?

No prior knowledge about horses is necessary.

Will I have to handle them, what if I’m scared?

You will be introduced to the horses slowly and from a distance. A lot of the learning is done through observation of the horses behaviour and of watching how they respond with the different people, so if you choose not to handle them you will still take home a great deal of thought-provoking learning. However all the horses are gentle and very well handled, if you would like support to enjoy being in their company we can help you with that too.

I’m not interested in horses how can they help me?

Unlike people, horses respond instantly and honestly to your communication, there are few humans that can give you that sort of immediate response. This is important especially for managers who often struggle to get honest and open feedback, yet they are reliant on good communication between themselves and their team. The horses will communicate with an MD in exactly the same way as they will with the cleaner.

What do I need to bring with me?

A lot of our learning will be done outside, we will continue in all but the worst weather so please wear clothes that are suitable for our British weather conditions and stout shoes.

Tea, coffee and water is provided.

Is the venue easy to find and will there be parking?

Yes the venue is very easy to find, it’s just a few minutes from the A1, please refer to the map and directions.

There is plenty of parking.