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The Positive School of Intrinsic Neuro Linguistic Psychology (PSiNLP) was formed by Julie Silverthorn, Melody Cheal and Joe Cheal in 2010. AZ Seminars is the trading name used by Julie in the US and GWiz NLP is the trading name used by Melody and Joe in the UK. PSiNLP is the trading name for joint ventures between AZ Seminars and GWiz NLP (The GWiz Learning Partnership).

Melody, Joe and Julie

After working together for ten years the decision was taken in January 2020 to pause teaching PSiNLP Trainer’s Training in the UK. The last couple of years group sizes have been rather small so we are all going to pursue other projects for a while.


We have had a lot of fun working with some amazing students and have really enjoyed developing our PSiNLP Master Trainer Team. Melody, Julie and Joe will continue to collaborate on projects in the future so do check back with us from time to time to find out what is new.


Julie will continue to offer NLP Trainer’s Training and Master Trainer around the world including Israel and Hawaii, perhaps Joe and Melody will be there too!


To contact Julie Silverthorn and find out more about her teaching schedule email her direct at


If you are particularly interested in attending NLP Trainer’s Training in the UK contact Melody to register your interest.


We (Melody and Joe) will continue to offer Julie’s audio, video and book products, follow the link for the full catalogue.


We will all continue to support and mentor our PSiNLP and PSiH Graduates. We are extremely proud of all our PSiNLP and PSiH Alumni across the world.



PSiNLP Trainer’s Alumni


Dr Emma Allende                                                       UK


Toni Babic                                                                   Croatia

Clodagh Beaty                                                            Spain


Joanne Calladine-Evans                                          UK

Anne Clube                                                                   UK

Richard G. Cockell                                                     UK

Joanne Coulson                                                           UK


Dr Graham Dexter                                                      UK


David Ezzat Fahmy                                                    Egypt


Peter Farthing                                                            UK


Joanna Harper                                                            UK

Caroline Hart                                                              UK

Andrew Holland                                                         UK

Raymond Honings                                                     Netherlands


Dr Bridget Kirsop                                                        UK

Michael Kjaersgaard                                                  Denmark

Ole Conrad Kondrup                                                  Denmark


Emma McNally                                                               UK

Karen Moxom                                                                 UK

Shirley Mutter                                                                UK


Matthew Price                                                                UK


Jeremiah Rangel                                                           USA    


Mostafa Mahmoud Abdel Salem Saleh                 Egypt

Cristiana Saudella                                                         UK


Amanda Teale                                                                UK


Michaela Wade                                                             UK                                          

Christian Wasinger                                                    US



PSiH Hypnotherapy Trainer’s Alumni


Jan Coles                                                                     UK

Joanne Coulson                                                        UK

Anne Clube                                                                 UK


Nishi Dubash                                                             UK


David Ezzat Fahmy                                                 Egypt


Peter Farthing                                                            UK


Sarah Gregory                                                           UK

Ed Grey                                                                         UK


Joanna Harper                                                           UK

Andrew Holland                                                         UK


Michael Kjaersgaard                                                Denmark



Cassie  Marnoch                                                         UK

Emma McNally                                                           UK

Sanjay Mitin                                                               Croatia

Shirley Mutter                                                            UK


Matthew Price                                                            UK


Jeremiah Rangel                                                         USA


Mostafa Mahmoud Abdel Salem Saleh               Egypt


Janine Turner                                                              UK



We also offer Hypnosis Trainer as part of our NLP Trainer's Training
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