The GWiz NLP Practice Group (in partnership with ANLP)

Our monthly NLP Practice group aims to advance, refresh and develop NLP skills and knowledge, by broadening our understanding and applications of NLP.

Each session will be themed on one or more of the following:

  • Applying NLP
  • Refreshing NLP concepts/models/techniques
  • Developing new NLP concepts/models/techniques

The Practice Group sessions run in the evening from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm in the summer at our venue in Crowborough, East Sussex.

  • Coffee/Tea is available from 6.45 pm for evening sessions and 9.45 am for Saturday morning sessions
  • Fee: £5.00
  • Guests are welcome
  • Places are limited so please book

Evening Format Spring and Summer 2018

As the nights get brighter we return to the evenings for a monthly practice group on either a Tuesday, a Wednesday or a Thursday. Here are the dates for your diary, topics to be announced soon! If you have a request let us know.

Tuesday, 14th August – Self-hypnosis

Tuesday, 11th September – NLP and Health

Saturday Morning format returns in the Autumn 2018

In the darker evenings we are trying out a Saturday morning format. Let us know what works for you. The event will run from 10am to 1pm.

  • Coffee/Tea is available from 6.45pm for evening sessions and 9.45am for Saturday morning sessions
  • Fee: £5.00

Previous Sessions have included:

Acting NLP… Bringing acting and NLP together
Another perspective: Reframing
Asserting yourself with NLP
Being Happy
Building Confidence with NLP
Busting Limiting Beliefs
Coaching Models in NLP
Coaching Perspectives
Confidence, Self Esteem & NLP
Conversational change
Conversational NLP: What’s that about, on, in, around, under…?
Creating Change in the Blink of an Eye – guest speaker Jo Harper
Dealing with Fears and Phobias
EINLP: What does NLP bring to Emotional Intelligence?
Enhancing Moods and States
Entrancing Festivity
Financial Abundance
Four Pillars of Success: Calibration, Self Awareness, Rapport & Flexibility
Getting clearer with the Metamodel
Getting on with it: Using NLP to overcome procrastination
Going Meta…
Health & Healing NLP
Heroic Metaphors
Hypnosis for Wellbeing
In front of the audience
Introduction to hypnosis
Landscape of experience
Language patterns
Love Relationships & NLP
Metaprograms: What makes you tick?
Negotiation Strategies
Never be lied to again
NLP & Abundance
NLP & Dreams
NLP & Mental Health
NLP and Positive Psychology
NLP & Spontaneity
NLP Resource States (For Happy Holidays!)
Organisational NLP
Parts work, dealing with internal conflict
Perceptual positions
Phobias Revisited
Playing with Metaphor
Presenting the best You
Presenting yourself with sparkle
Relaxing and Calming NLP
Relationships with Time(lining)
Resolving Conflict with NLP
Self Esteem & NLP
Solving Problems with NLP
Spirituality through NLP
The Langauge Patterns of Captain Jack Sparrow
The Wholeness process
The Whole Truth: Sensory Acuity
The Zero Point
Time 4 Change
Time techniques
Unhealthy Relationship Patterns and how to change them
Using Story telling and metaphor
What a feeling! States and Meta-States
What are you weighting for? Fitness and Weightloss with NLP
What to do about Dilemmas?
Who are You in Relationship to…?
Working with Animals: NLP applications

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Melody lives on the edge of Ashdown Forest, East Sussex with her husband, Joe and lovely dogs. Her passion is in helping HR/L&D Professionals/ Managers gain coaching skills by providing Accredited Coach & NLP Training.
Melody Cheal MSc MAPP
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