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New Release!  – The Relationship Dance

Melody and Joe Cheal

The Relationship DanceHow would your life be, if you and your partner were always

on the same side… facing life’s challenges together?

A relationship is a dynamic pattern of advancing and retreating ‘energies’. A healthy relationship is a graceful dance of balanced and constructive interactions. Indeed, the quality of your life is determined by the health of your relationships.

The Relationship Dance is a guide for anyone who wants
to improve their ability to relate, communicate and
share happiness and meaning with a loved one!

In this book, you will discover how to:

  • Create a solid foundation with the Five Relationship Graces
  • Remain balancedand constructive, even when you face differences
  • ‘Clean up your own act’ to develop a healthy and rewarding relationship
  • Build and maintain a complementaryand interdependent relationship
  • Communicate assertively and speak your truth with kindness
  • Revivify that‘honeymoon feeling’




PoweredCover [4222324]Where is NLP going? What are leaders in the NLP field thinking and doing? How can NLP develop greater creditbility? Do you want to know what is happening in the field of NLP?

If so, Powered by NLP! will fuel your curiosity with articles and reflections from International NLP Thought Leaders.

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Powered by NLP ebook

This ebook is available free of charge to anyone interested in finding out more. Please feel free to share with others.


Volume 2 continues on from the first edition of Powered by NLP!

How is NLP Evolving? What happens next?

Contributions from many world leaders in the field. This ebook is available free of charge to anyone interested in finding out more. Please feel free to share.

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Powered by NLP 2 ebookPowered By NLP2 eBook


SIPsmallSolving Impossible Problems

Joe Cheal

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The Little Book of Persuasion – Updated

Joe and Melody Cheal

This book is bursting with practical ideas fro using anywhere. Build relationships and get better results at home, work and out in the big wide word.





Becoming Happy – Lessons from Nature

Melody Cheal

Use NLP and Positive Psychology to improve your sense of self and well-being.  All the photographs are taken by Melody and used to help you access your connection with nature and your innate sense of happiness.





The Model Presenter

Developing Excellence in Presenting and Training

Joe and Melody Cheal







Who Stole My Pie!

Joe Cheal