The Core Transformation Process

The Core Transformation Process was developed by Connirae Andreas in the 1980s and is an elegant, gentle process that creates significant change at a deep level. It primarily about identifying “parts” that have been left behind in our development.

With the Core Transformation Process we are often looking at complex, deeper issues where a number of parts may be involved. Each part will have it’s own positive intention and desired outcome creating a multi-layered issue to unpack.


What changes can the Core Transformation Process help you make?

  • Changing unhealthy emotional responses and behaviours (for example anger, fear, embarrassment, shyness, procrastination)
  • Improving relationships
  • Healing addictions
  • Re-balancing your relationship with weight issues
  • Overcoming anxiety and depression
  • Creating purpose and wholeness.
  • Finding Meaning and Peace

“You might ask how one technique could be responsible for helping people experience results in so many different areas of life? Through Core Transformation you find that what you perceive as limitations in your life are actually doorways toward resolution.”

Connirae Andreas




Connirae Andreas has given permission to Melody to offer this training in the Core Transformation Process.

Melody and Connirae

When is the next Core Transformation Workshop?

1st to 3rd March 2021


Early Bird Rate £395 available until 1st February 2021



Full rate £495

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